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Sep. 14, 2010: Testing out Blogging

What to say?

While I`m working in my studio I`ve been listening to `No Impact Man` on my CD player. Just recently I started checking out `books on tape` or in this instance CDs from the Lopez Library. Why I`m bringing this up is that Colin Beavan blogged his experience while he chronicles his yearlong effort to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. So here I am, giving blogging a try while pursuing my efforts to become a successful artist. Kind of like journaling, right? I`ve done that.... Only, when journaling, your mind talks back to you and with blogging, you`re opening yourself up to the whole wide web. A bit of a scary thought being a bit thinned skinned. This here is just a test anyway to see how it will all work on this very new website. Well webmaster Povl, what do you think?